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14 May 2010

Hey Youtube Musicians!

Some of you showing off your musical abilities and songwriting skills are very talented but...

Could we please do some basic editing? The very beginning where you turn on the camera and walk back to sit down on your bed and give a rambling introduction: cut that part, please.

At the end where you get up and walk over to turn the camera off: cut that too.

And please pay a little bit of attention to your production values and aesthetics. I'm not asking for a multimillion-dollar Hollywood extravaganza, but at least clean up your bedroom first. And get out of your pajamas and put some clothes on. That and do some test shots to find out where the limits of the frame are going to be and adjust the camera  so your head doesn't get cut off and you don't wander off screen.

Other than that, rock on!

The New Media is great, isn't it?

My Mind is Going Through Them Changes.

Changes happening here.

Changing focus. Broadening, mostly. I decided that so much of the political stuff gets on my nerves and stresses me out. Oh, I'll still touch on that now and again but there is so much more that is so much more interesting. I'm just going to periodically let my mind wander and mouth off about anything and everything under the sun.

Changing the title. Quirky. Punny. Fits better with new focus.

Changing the look.


12 May 2010

More Proof the Left is Populated by Idiots

As if you needed it.

"Boycott Arizona Iced Tea" is the cry from the open-borders, reconquista-
enabling crowd.

Arizona Iced Tea is made in New York.

17 April 2010

Little Commie Revolutionaries - Leftist Indoctrination and the Irony of it All

The other day I saw some obviously undereducated kid in line at WalMart wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt. I was struck by the irony. Here he was wearing a T-shirt paying homage to a Communist revolutionary and murderer enjoying all the benefits of the Capitalist society he is deriding - at one of the very icons of American Capitalism itself.

I briefly considered speaking to him about it but thought better, as my comments would most likely not be comprehended.

Also a while back, my wife and I went to see a small little independent film festival at the Aurora Picture Show.  Among the attendees was a girl whose T-shirt had an anti-Capitalist quote from Fidel Castro on it. I couldn't help but wonder if the poor thing knew that there is no such thing as independent art film in Cuba.

23 March 2010

US Constitution. Dead at 228

US Constitution.

September 17, 1787 - March 21, 2010


God rest her soul.